Games & Sports

Sports And Games

Sesomites are given regular training to participate and play all the sports such as football, handball, basketball, kho-kho, athletics (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, relay race,  hurdle race, javelin throw, shot put throw, high jump, long jump, triple jump) and Games (chess, badminton, table tennis, rifle shooting and swmming) are a part of our school. These provie complete exercise and builds stamina, muscular strength and endurance power. 

  • Promotes a healthy mind and body coordination.
  • Relieves us from monotony of life.
  • Improves team building capabilities 
  • Enhances quick thinking and decision making
  • Builds muscular strength
  • Makes a good human being 
  • Inculcates and instills humane values 
  • Follows the rules of the games religeously and respects team mates and opponents alike.
  • Enhances EQ 
  • Boosts academics 
  • Helps in socializing 
  • An excellent stress buster
  • Inculcates adventurous spirit 
  • Promotes brotherhood, unity, honesty, self discipline, teamwork and strategic planning 
  • Grooms to be confident, self motivated, optimist and dynamic personalty 
  • Develops mental, physical, social, interpersonal and intrapersonal arena
  • Helps in building productive human resource as an asset to the family and nation
  • Helps in making better career choice