Residential Life

Residential Life

SESOMU offers the students in its fold a unique opportunity to develop both mind and the body through a structured educational and distinctive co-curricular programmes. Being a boarding school with a handful of day scholars, the campus is self sufficient and has the facilities and the opportunities for each student to excel in various spheres.

The boarders start their day at 5:15 am in Summer. Borders proceed to freshen up for half an hour and then go for physical exercise including yoga and pranayam for next half an hour. The fresh and tranquil early morning atmosphere also encourages them to do meditation and pranayam. Borders then return to the hostel for washing and cleaning. At 6:40 am, borders go to the school mess for taking breakfast and hot milk. Borders then start their day in school at 7:20 am and remain in school till  01:00 pm. During this time, the borders attend all their regular classes as well as their co curricular activities. They also eat snacks at 10:40 am and take lunch at 01:00 pm.

After 01:40 pm, the boarding students proceed for compulsory coaching classes of different subjects with subject experts. These coaching classes are very effective for the slow learners and the weaker students. After attending three coaching classes (preparatory classes), students return back to the hostel at 03:40 pm. Students take rest for next one hour and then go to mess for taking evening refreshment. The one hour evening preparatory class (for homework and self study) starts at 05:00 pm at hostel under the proper supervision of residential teachers.

The most awaiting session of the day that is evening games starts at 06:10 pm. School teams use this time for training sessions. Borders enjoy a good deal of sporting and other co curricular facilities available in school. Instructors and coaches are available during this time. In the evening games borders are divided in three groups. One group goes for swimming, next group goes for indoor games like badminton, table tennis, chess etc. and the third group goes for outdoor games like handball, football, volleyball etc. The school boasts of a grassy football ground, a concrete basketball, several volleyball, handball and kho-kho courts.

After evening games, at 07:10 pm, borders go for evening bath. All residential students assemble in the junior hostel at 07:35 pm for evening prayer followed by hot and hygienic dinner at the school mess. After taking dinner borders return to the hostel for attending a one hour night preparatory class which starts at 08:45 pm, under the proper supervision of the teachers and hostel wardens. Borders take night milk at 09:45 pm. Lights Out is observed at 10:15 pm and at this time all the students must be in bed.

On Sunday, the borders follow a different time schedule in order to avoid monotonous life style. On this day the borders get up late and immediately after freshening up they go to the ground for physical exercises.  From 11:30 am to 01:30 pm all the borders come back to the school premises to attend their compulsory hobby classes.

The entire day has been thoughtfully structured to ensure adequate study time, play time as well as meal time. Throughout their stay, the students are under the benevolent supervision of their teachers, mentors and hostel wardens.