SESOMU Girls College with its majestic building overlooking National Highway – 11 (W) in Sri Dungargarh has already become a landmark in the North Western part of Rajasthan. The Girls College building accommodates around 500 students in its well furnished classrooms. Its spacious, airy and naturally light classrooms make the teaching-learning process convenient and comfortable for the students and lecturer. The Girls College which was started in 2008 with 13 students and 5 lecturers, today stands as a huge complex comprising Administrative Block, 24 big Classrooms, Hostels, Large playgrounds, Mess, Dairy, Water Tank, Nursery, Farm House, lecturer’ Quarters..

In addition to the classrooms, the Girls College building has a well equipped library with around 6000 books and subscriptions of more than 10 magazines. Its all new computer lab with round-the-clock internet connection serves the needs of the students of 15st century. The  Girls College also has Home Science Lab, Geography Lab and Music Labs with all modern amenities. The management and administration has special concern for the Girls College and so always has some exciting plans for maintaining its always-one-step-ahead image. The Girls College also has Hobby Centers for the students to explore and enjoy their hobbies like Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Music, Singing etc. All these give us and our students a proud feeling that we do belong to a Girls College of 13st century.


The management never fails to acknowledge the potential of future sports-strengths. The sports facilities provided for the Girls by the College management are a testimony of the realization of that. Sports have become a sort of oxygen for our prestigious institution. The College gives all exciting opportunities to the young potential Girls and sports activity is the first step in transforming potentiality into reality. The College has infrastructure for nearly all types of sports activities. SESOMU has seven big playgrounds measuring around 10,812 sq. metres. The College is well equipped to cater to player’s need in sports like swimming, athletics, badminton, gyms, football, hand-ball, volleyball, basketball, kho-kho etc. The College offers a wide range of opportunities from mass P.T. to the field events. Compulsory participation in games keeps the Girls physically and mentally fit.


A large auditorium-cum-multipurpose hall is available for a variety of inter-College and intra-College activities. This helps the students to showcase their talents and build up their confidence. The auditorium has a seating capacity of around 1200 and provides an intimate feeling while accommodating a large group. The equipment and facilities available in the auditorium can compete with any professional or commercial hall elsewhere. It serves as a platform for every Sesomites to face huge audiences, shed inhibitions and stage fear acquire all soft skill and emerge as a Champion with immense leadership qualities. Many debates, quizzes, lectures, motivation training programs, health club activities, indoor games and great addresses by Saints, Educationist, Management personnel, Dignitaries and Government officers take place regularly.


SESOMU has full proof security arrangement. There has specialised emphasis on security systems which is very important to keep the peaceful environment. College large campus has been secured by high boundary walls and fencing. A team of six trained security personnel safeguards the campus. Students are not allowed to meet any unauthorised person. The identity of the visitors are properly verified by the security guards before he/she meets his/her ward. CCTV cameras are fitted in the campus to monitor security arrangements and movements of the students to ensure their safety. Knowing that a College campus is protected by surveillance cameras, both students and their parents feel sense of safety and security. Through CCTV monitoring system both the Chairman and the Principal of SESOMU always keep vigil on the activities of the students.


Swimming can offer anyone of any age a huge range of health benefits. Swimming improves flexibility and strength, builds up endurance, increases muscular flexibility and balance, makes heart muscle stronger, improves the physique, increases circulation, rehabilitates muscles and maintains healthy weight. Considering the benefits of swimming, SESOMU has built a covered 100’X50′ Swimming Pool for the students as well as other campus residents. In Summer, one hour swimming is scheduled for the borders and day scholars everyday.


The College has deep tube-well with a 300,000 lit. underground and 100,000 lit. overhead water tanks and a network of underground pipelines. The recycled water is used  for irrigating lawns, shrubs and trees.


The College has one generators that supply electricity  to the entire campus when the municipal electric supply fails. With a total captive power of 100 KVA, the students and teachers enjoy uninterrupted power supply.